02 julio, 2011



Dear Reader:

In June last year this blog, José Gálvez FBC of Chimbote, Perú, “Memories Corner”, opened its doors, and its purpose was explained in its “Presentation”

At that time we said there was no information on the web about the 1970-1973 José Gálvez FBC team’s campaign. This period covers Chimbote’s local league title in 1970, the classification to the top professional league for the first time in May 1971, and ending in 1973 when the Red Stripe Team (José Gálvez FBC), after spending three years at this level, lost the professional category and returned to the local league.

Filling in this lack of information has been the central goal of this project.

Today we can say with satisfaction that the mission is on the verge of being fulfilled.

The pages of this blog currently exhibit the most comprehensive information about the 1970-1973 Galvista period, the most complete photo gallery on that era, and the most rigorous statistical report on the same period.

Visit the Blog...

Even further, the blog goes back in time and presents information from the very beginning of the “Butchers Team” (José Gálvez FBC).  And, at the other end, the blog goes beyond 1973 and reports on the decade of the 70’s in its entirety

It has been several months of tireless work, tenacious research, and systematic gathering of information. And we're happy with the result. The blog has been read in some of the most diverse parts of the planet. Some of this information is being reproduced in other outlets (though not always with permission!)  And, more importantly, along the way we’ve made new friends.

And why the need for a "Notice of Goodbye"?

For practical reasons.

We have been receiving requests from readers to cover certain issues or specific subjects about Galvista history, and as far as we could (and as long as they have been in line with the project’s aim) we have tried to address these as requested. However, the theme of the blog has been almost exhausted and we are no longer taking requests to cover other issues.

Memories Corner

So have all the themes been covered?

Not really. We still have some subjects in the pipeline that we are working on, and will publish in this final stretch.

Later on, after the final farewell, the blog will remain on the internet, and any comments that arrive will be published.

Always a pleasure to have your company.

The Editor.
New Hampshire, USA
July 2011

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2 comentarios:

  1. Eduardo:
    I'm a first hand witness of how much work and time your Jose Galvez FBC project has taken. Pity that it is coming to an end. Exciting that you are about to start a new project. Good luck!!!

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